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Chapter Titles

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Chapter Titles


1) Sponsor Acknowledgements

2) Teaser

3) Overview

4) Opening Credits

5) Life before the horseless carriage

6) The development of the National Park System

7) The development of bad roads from great trails

8) The development of “Good Road” clubs

9) The development of AAA

10) The development of the “Blue Book”

11) The development of Auto Trails and the early Highways

12) The Park service and the proposal of the p2p highway system

13) The Pathfinders: The development of the best route / Leaving From Hub: Denver, CO

14) Rocky Mountain National Park: Top of the World

15) To Yellowstone National Park: The Land of Wonders

16) To Glacier National Park: An Alpine Paradise

17) To Mount Rainier National Park: The Frozen Octopus

18) To Crater Lake National Park: The Lake of Mystery

19) To Lassen Volcanic National Park: Fields of Former Volcanic Activity

20) To Yosemite National Park: Land of Enchantment

21) To General Grant National Park: Preserving the Grant Grove

22) To Sequoia National Park: Land of Giant Trees

23) Thru Los Angeles

24) To Zion National Park: Picturesque in the Extreme

25) Thru Needles, CA

26) To Grand Canyon National Park: Colossus of Canyons

27) To Mesa Verde National Park: Communities of the Past

28) Pikes Peak

29) Back to Denver, CO

30) Summary

31) Closing Credits

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