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Paving the Way

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Paving the Way:


It’s the story of the National Park Service and the first Interstate Highways; the American West and the closing of the Frontier . . .

It’s the story of the American Road Trip, from Lewis and Clark to the modern American family and their station wagon cruising down the highway . . .

And, at its most specific, it’s the story of AL Westgard, AAA Pathfinder; Stephen Mather, the First Director of the National Parks Service; and the 12 individuals who traveled the National Park-to-Park Tour, the first automotive journey through the eleven National Parks of the American West.

These were the men and women who pioneered the first Great American Road Trip and Paved the Way for so many millions of Americans in the generations to come.


- JC




PAVING THE WAY: The National Park-to-Park Highway is a historical documentary about one of the greatest stories of the West that has never before been told.


In 1920, a group of voyagers embarked on a grueling expedition across 6,000 miles of connected highways throughout the Western United States. Their goal: to raise public awareness about the benefits of good, paved roads, as opposed to the rugged dirt trails which invaded the lands at the time.


Their tour would encounter both the best and worst of times; being both challenged and rewarded by themselves and by nature.


Heading Northwest from Denver, Colorado, the group followed a route of connected highways laid out by AAA’s “Pathfinder,” A.L. Westgard.


The 76-day journey would lead the men through twelve National Parks of the West. From the geysers at Yellowstone, to the Alpine Paradise found at Glacier National Park, and the Land of Enchantment that is Yosemite National Park, the Park –to-Park Highway Dedication Tour traveled the most gorgeous and treacherous of lands in the West.


PAVING THE WAY: The National Park-to-Park Highway is the second feature-length documentary directed by Brandon Wade. This two-part, 180-minute documentary exposes the viewer to the majestic beauty and extreme hardships encountered during the inaugural 1920 expedition that paved the way for a future of travel.


Featuring original photographs from the tour by photographer A.G. Lucier, and interviews ranging from relatives of the original explorers, to historians, to park rangers and many others who have been affected by the National Park System in the Western United States, PAVING THE WAY offers an in-depth look into a series of highways that not only connects twelve of the Nation’s most beautiful national parks, but it offers an in-depth look into a series of events that connects everyone to the beauty of the world’s creation. PAVING THE WAY depicts how the construction of paved roads was made possible due to the bravery found within a small group of people who were willing to risk their lives for the sake of a nation in need of a place to explore, and a way to do so.


From the days of horseless carriages and a time where mere wagon trails were the roads by which to travel, PAVING THE WAY: The National Park-to-Park Highway captures and preserves the breathtaking views and gripping memories found along this 6,000 mile captivating, automobile journey. Fasten your seatbelts for a ride that will forever change your appreciation and perspectives on modern travel and natural splendor.



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