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Stephen Mark

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 7 months ago

Steve Mark, historian, Crater Lake National Park


Pre-interview 4/16/07


At that time were a bunch of roads, the director had the vision to create a "Grand Tour" of the West by connecting them


Army Crops of Engineers contracted the construction of Rim Road out to day laborers, they graded the roads

-used day laborers because they didn't know how much it would cost, etc. - safe bet to use them


It was all a reaction of car ownership going "through the roof"

Crater Lake was experienceing years of 20% and 30% increase in visitors


1909 Automobile Lodge began construction


Roads: Now we thing of roads as something to maintain, then they had to think of EVERYTHING - very "complicated decision making process".  We think of buildings as structures, but roads were some of the most complicated and expensive things that had to be built first"





Museam Curator - Mary Benterou - 541-594-3095


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