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Family Tree here




1866? Born in Norway


1869 or 79 Feb 14th wife Helen or Ellen born at Rochester NY - second wife ? n.b. 1930 Census says she is 60 which means she would have been born in 1869 - also California Death Index lists her DOB as 14 Feb 1869 but it also states her death date as 29 Oct 1945 not Feb 1946 as NYT Obit says


1882 Emigrated to US (according to 1910 census record) - I believe he may have come in through Galveston


1884 Aug 7th Emigrated to US (according to 1920 census record) aboard the State of Indiana arriving in New York - sailed from Glasgow - listed as a student age 18


1890 doesn't appear in Census records - is he in Illinois? - no, he is in Houston Texas working as a draftsman - listed in city directory


1891 Oct 5th Naturalized in Cook CO. ILL - he may have been also naturalized in Houston - not sure of date


1892 Living in Waco, Texas working as a draftsman


1894 Apr 18th arrives in Philadelphia aboard the British Princess which has sailed from Liverpool - destined for Chicago - says he has lived in US from 1884-91 (?) - listed as Anton L. Westgard  - single - Engineer


1895 Oct 19th married Mathilde LJolie in Cook County, IL - he is listed as Anthon L. Westgard


1896 Apr 2 son born in Providence RI - Arne (?) James - from ship's manifest 1914

1896 Nov 2 son born to Matilda and Anton in Providence RI - listed as Arne G.


1897 Nov 16 daughter born Providence RI to Mattie and Anton L. - Liv. S.



1899 Prepares map of Luzon Philippines


1900 doesn't appear in census records - is he still in Philippines?


1910 Apr 2 Census listed as Anthony L Westgard aged 44 Civil Engineer making maps married to Helen but her age

appears to be 34 - no mention of a son who would have been 13 - lived in NYC


1910 Apr 15th - filed for patent on emblem which was issued June 21 - was this something for an automobile? it has TCA in it - could that be Touring Club of America with which he was affiliated - signs the application Anthony L. Westgard but is listed as A.L. Westgard on the document


1911 - Makes transcontinental truck trip photo

    another photo from his 1911 trip in LaJunta, CO


1912 photo  in Illinois


1914 July 8th returned to New York aboard the S.S. Bergensfjord which sailed from Bergen March 28th with his wife

and son to their residence at 4 Nagle Ave, NYC - he is listed on the manifest as Anton L. Westgaard aged 48 - his wife is listed as Helen age 35 and son Arne (?) James age 17


1915 - Article by A.L. Westgard from the March 1915 Motor Magazine


1917 Directs film to be released by Pathe on New Mexico - supposed to be an entire series of all states


1920 Jan 2 - Census listed as Anthony L. Westgard aged 54 - employed as an Engineer with the National Highways -

wife is listed as Ellen E. - lives in Washington DC


1921 Westgard Pass named for him


1946 Mrs. Helen C. Westgard dies in California - see full obituary here





served as Vice President and Director of Transcontinental Highways within the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration



some of his photos are included in Photographs of the American West

article in Horseless Age Oct 19 1910 "Westgard goes West: pg. 546



 Born: Norway - 1859. accord to Library of Congress he was born in 1865

Came to US in 1883.

He began his career as a surveyor doing railroad, municipal, and land work in the

Southwest. His jobs included location work for the Atchison, Topeka, and

Santa Fe Railroad. From 1892 to 1905, Westgard had been in charge of a

corps of engineers working in all the States east of the Rocky Mountains.

The corps prepared State, county, and town maps and atlases. His

information helped the early bicycle tourists, but proved especially useful

when the automobile age began.


He was a Special Agent of the Office of Public Roads at times, and worked for

several motoring and road organizations beginning in 1905. In 1912,

Westgard Pass in California was named after him (on today's State Route

168 in the Inyo National Forest). The title of an article about Westgard by

Arthur Manchester in the June 1989 issue of Car Collector and Car

Classics conveys a sense of his last 15 years: "A Marco Polo of The Motor

Age." While on the dedication tour for the National Park-to-Park Highway

in 1920, he became ill while passing through Spokane, Washington,

traveled by train to Oakland, California, for surgery, but died on April 3,



Apparently shot footage for Combitrone Picture Company, distributed by the Pathe Company of a cross country road movie. circa 1916-1917

L.E Taylor was the camraman


Might be a statue of him at Westgard Pass in CA








Motor Car Mfg. Co. of Indianapolis. 1912. Photo Story of a Pathfinder: being a pictorial review of the triple   

    transcontinental trek in a Pathfinder 40. [Chicago: Wells & Co. engr. and pr.]. Photos by A.L. Westgard, "U.S. \     

    Government Pathfinder"--(Cf. p. 31)/ Trip map p. 6.


Westgard, Anthon L., 1865-  Motor routes to the California expositions,  [New York, Printed by Motor] c1915.


Westgard, A. L. 1920. Tales of a pathfinder. New York: A.L. Westgard.

    available for download at the Internet Archive


Westgard, A. L. 1920. Official AAA manual of motor car camping. Washington, D.C.: American Automobile Association.




American Automobile Association, and A. L. Westgard. 1919. Arizona and New Mexico: local and through routes showing topography, Indian reservations and pueblos, national parks and monuments ; with digest of hunting and fishing regulations. Washington, D.C.: The Association.


American Automobile Association. 1913. Northwest trail. From notes by A. L. Westgard


American Automobile Association, and A. L. Westgard. 1913. Sand-clay and gravel roads around Pinehurst, North Carolina, March 1913. New York: American Automobile Association.


American Automobile Association, and Anthon L. Westgard. 1911. Strip maps of the "Trail to sunset" transcontinental automobile route: Chicago-Los Angeles via Santa Fe Trail. New York: The Association.


Century Map Co., Philadelphia, A. L. Westgard, and Otto Barthel. 1902. New Century atlas of Livingston County, New York: with farm records. Philadelphia: Century Map Co.


Survey Map Company. 1905. Atlas of the state of New Jersey. New York: Survey Map. compiled from official and private sources by Survey Map Co. ; A.L. Westgard, Chief Engineer


Westgard, A. L. 1895. City of Providence and environs: showing the cities of Providence, Pawtucket, and Central Falls, the town of East Providence, and part of the towns of Lincoln, North Providence, Johnston, and Cranston. [Providence?: s.n.].


Westgard, A. L. 1902. County of Wyoming, N.Y., 1802-1902. Philadelphia: Century Map Co


Westgard, A. L. 1899. Island of Luzon.  referenced here


Westgard, A. L. 1907. Road map of Oneida County, New York. Philadelphia: Century Map Co.


Westgard, A. L. 1920. Washington and Oregon. Washington, D.C.: American Automobile Association.




Patent D40734 for an Emblem


ABOUT WESTGARD or may contain info on him


Kaszynski, William. 2000. The American highway: the history and culture of roads in the United States. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland.


Weingroff, Richard F. 2003. The National Old Trails Road. [Washington, D.C.?: Federal Highway Administration.

    Part 1 Part 2



New York Times.  New York, N.Y.:Sep 4, 1921.  p. 63 (1 pp.)

TWO scenic places in the mountain section of the Midland Trail at the entrance to California from Nevada

have just been named in memory of A.L. Westgard and Amos G. Batchelder, who were associated for so many ...


NEWSPAPER ARTICLES - listed by date



Little Colorado Items (re: Westgard's trip marking route from Denver to Salt Lake City) Blue Valley Times Nov 8, 1912 pg. 2 col. 2

Westgard Puts Golden on New Auto Route Colorado Transcript Nov 14, 1912 pg. 1



Town Entertains Eminent Visitors Plateau Voice Jul 18, 1913 pg.1

(Editorial re Midland Trail and Westgard's visit) Plateau Voice Jul 18, 1913 pg. 4

City to be on Two Main Highways Fort Collins Weekly Courier Sep 19, 1913 pg. 1



Color Wonders of New Mexico Fort Collins Weekly Courier Jan 5, 1917 pg. 3

Canada - Mexico Road ; Military Highway Planned at Denver Meeting Littleton Independent Jun 22, 1917 pg. 6

Canada - Mexico Road ; Military Highway Planned at Denver Meeting Record Journal of Douglas County Jun 22, 1917 pg. 2

Canada - Mexico Road ; Military Highway Planned at Denver Meeting Weekly Ignacio Chieftan Jun 22, 1917 pg. 2

Canada - Mexico Road ; Military Highway Planned at Denver Meeting Akron Weekly Pioneer Press Jun 23, 1917 pg. 1

Canada - Mexico Road ; Military Highway Planned at Denver Meeting Range Ledger Jun 23, 1917; pg. 1

(No title - concerns Canada - Mexico Road) Summit County Journal Jun 23, 1917 pg. 2



Commercial Club Gives Luncheon to A. L. Westgard Fort Collins Courier Jun 30, 1920 pg. 2

West Receives Great Benefit from Highway Fort Collins Courier Jul 29, 1920 pg. 4

Park to Park Highway Westland Jul 30, 1920 pg. 2

Park to Park Highway Summit County Journal Jul 31, 1920 pg. 2

Yosemite Record Journal of Douglas County Aug 6, 1920 pg. 9

Sending Cars for Tour Kiowa County Press Aug 20, 1920 pg. 2

Park to Park Tour Makes Start from Denver Wednesday Fort Collins Courier Aug 25, 1920 pg. 1

Opportunites of Collins Shown by Visit of Official Road Party Tour Fort Collins Courier Aug 28, 1920 pg. 1




Passenger manifest S. S. Bergensford arriving in NYC July 8th 1914 - can be found here


Thirteenth Census of the United States. New York. Supervisor's District 1. Enumeration District 726. Sheet 12B. Line 51. April 2 1910


Fourteenth Census of the United States. District of Columbia. Supervisor's District 40. Enumeration District 315. Sheet 1A. Line 50. January 2nd 1920


Fifteenth Census of the United States. California. Supervisor's District 17. Enumeration District 19-836. Sheet 10B.  Line 80. April 12, 1930.



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